About Alan

I began my powerlifting journey over 40 years ago. I entered and won my first ever powerlifting competition in 1997 where I took the title of British Champion. I thoroughly enjoyed the sport and used powerlifting as a building block for building strength and used it as a tool to help me build a solid physique. Following my powerlifting success in 1997, I ventured into bodybuilding and competed in a few local bodybuilding competitions. Although I enjoyed the experience and had a few successes, powerlifting was my passion and I continued to do this as a regular training tool throughout my bodybuilding days.

Through years of powerlifting I became strong and decided to venture into strongman. I had some really good years as a strongman being a UK Strongest Man Finalist and also winning various other strongman competitions throughout the UK. My years of strongman enabled me to build a strong physique, so I decided it was time to venture back into bodybuilding where I won several competitions within NABBA and UKBFF.

Following my 60th birthday, I decided it was time to challenge myself and get back into the sport I really loved - powerlifting. In November 2017, I successfully took the title of Masters British Champion 2017 and Record Holder in Full Power.

Alongside my own training and personal achievements, I run my own old school gym and have done for over 27 years. I also offer advice, personal programmes, formulas and also coach clients whether they are seeking help with contest preparation (whether this be in powerlifting, bodybuilding or strongman) or looking to get into shape and to keep fit and healthy. My many years of experience in these sports enables me to coach efficiently to help people reach their absolute full potential and reach their personal bests.

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